Technical Rescue Awareness Class

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The Technical Rescue Committee has completed an online Technical Rescue Awareness class. It is currently posted on the Pike FD’s LMS portal and can be viewed by anyone that would like to take it. Each chapter is a separate video so that students can complete it at their convenience. Keep in mind this is a self study and there is no registration to watch the program. As a cost saving measure we will not be approving payment for Technical Rescue Awareness certifications. I spoke to Chief Shoaf today and he is very interested in feedback about the program.

No software necessary if want to view it go to the address below then use the username and password.;

Go to www.piketraining.com
Login: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Password: guest

Upcoming Classes

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09-05-2016 8:30 am
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09-06-2016 6:00 pm
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09-08-2016 8:00 am
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National Registry Implementation Briefings
09-08-2016 9:00 am
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09-08-2016 7:00 pm
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09-14-2016 8:30 am
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