Engaging Multicultural and High Risk Communities: A Budget Cut's Strategy

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Engaging Multicultural and High Risk Communities: A Budget Cuts’ Strategy
Larry Sagen of Fire 20/20 presents a topic of critical importance to public safety organizations in this critical time of trying to do more with less.
Follow the link below to this training opportunity.

Upcoming Classes

FF Module B
02-14-2016 8:00 am
Category:  District 10
Recruit Firefighter Academy
02-15-2016 6:00 pm
Category:  District 02
602 - Inspector II
02-15-2016 6:00 pm
Category:  District 08
104 - Firefighter I/II
02-16-2016 6:00 pm
Category:  District 01
Indiana Fire and Life Safety Educator I/II
02-16-2016 6:00 pm
Category:  District 05
Live Skills Day
02-20-2016 8:00 am
Category:  District 04
403 - Fire Officer II
02-22-2016 8:00 am
Category:  District 01
Traffic Incident Management
02-23-2016 9:00 am
Category:  District 05
Hiring Interviews: Preparation and Tips
02-23-2016 5:30 pm
Category:  District 05
Career Fire Chief Orientation
02-24-2016 8:00 am
Category:  District 05

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