District 10


FF Module A

District: District 10
County: Dubois
Location: Hunti Ngburg Volunteer Fire Dept.
Instructors: Jess Roberts(jdroberts)  

Start Time:
05-15-2017 6:30 pm
End Time:
05-15-2017 10:00 pm
Cut Off:
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Additional Information: All classroom sessions will be held on Mondays, and Thursdays of each week beginning at 1830 hours Eastern Time. Classroom sessions will be held at the Huntingburg Fire Station One, located at 501 E. First St. in Huntingburg unless otherwise noted. The course is limited to the first twenty-four (24) registered students. Contact John C. Smith at 812-639-0697 for further information.

??? - EMT Basic

District: District 10
County: Gibson

Start Time:
05-24-2017 6:00 pm
End Time:
05-24-2017 10:00 pm
Cut Off:
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This is a Hybrid Course sponsored by D10.  There is no charge for this class.  The first class meeting will be held at the Vincennes University Campus in Ft. Branch starting at 6:00 PM on May 24.  Weekly classes will be held for skills @ Vincennes Twp. Fire, Jasper area and Evansville area.  For additional information contact Eddie King @ Phone 812.882.4251.

EMR Hybrid Course Tentative Schedule


Pre-course meeting

May 24


Module 1

May 24-31


Chapter 1-EMS System

Chapter 2-Workforce Safety and Wellness

Chapter 3 Lifting and Moving Patients

Chapter 4-Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues

Chapter 5-Communications and Documentation

Chapter 19-Transport Operations

Chapter 20-Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue

Chapter 21-Incident Management

Hazardous Materials Awareness-w/ERG (Acadis)


May 31 or June 1

Autism Awareness (1Hr)

SID’s/DOSE (1 Hr)

Indiana Driving Law (1Hr)


Module 2

June 1-7


Chapter 6-The Human Body

Chapter 7-Airway Management

Chapter 8-Professional Rescuer CPR

Chapter 9-Patient Assessment



June 7 or 8

AHA Professional Rescuer CPR (4 Hrs)

Patient Assessment Skills Medical/Trauma (2 Hrs)

Oxygen Skills/Pulse Ox (3 Hrs)



Module 3

June 8-14


Chapter 10-Medical Issues

Chapter 11-Poisoning and Substance Abuse

Chapter 12-Behavioral Issues

Chapter 13-Environmental Issues



June 14 or 15

NarCan Training (2 Hrs)

EPI Pen Training (1 Hr)

Cardiac Arrest Management/AED (2 Hrs)




Module 4

June 15-21


Chapter 14-Bleeding, Shock and Soft-Tissue Injuries

Chapter 15-Injuries to Muscles and Bones

Chapter 16-Childbirth

Chapter 17-Pediatric Emergencies

Chapter 18-Geriatric Emergencies

POST Online Training (Acadis)

Bloodborne Pathogens (Acadis)


June 21 or 22

Bleeding Control /Shock Management Skills (2 Hrs)

Tourniquet (1 Hr)

Long Bone Immobilization Skills (2 Hrs)

Spinal Immobilization Skills (Supine Patient/Long Board) (2 Hrs)

C-Collars (1 Hr)



Module 5

June 22-28


NIMS-700, 100 & 200 (FEMA)





June 28 or 29

Skills Scenarios (4 Hrs)




State Practical Skills

July 15

State Written

July 15

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FF Module A

District: District 10
County: Knox
Location: Steen Twp Fire Dept.

Start Time:
05-31-2017 6:00 pm
End Time:
05-31-2017 10:00 pm
Cut Off:
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For additional information contact:

Eddie King:  e-mail:  cell:  812-890-4152

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