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District 08


FF Module C

District: District 08
County: Monroe
Instructors: Robert Brown(RobertBrown)  

Start Time:
01-06-2015 6:00 pm
End Time:
01-06-2015 10:00 pm
Cut Off:
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  Here is the dates for Mod. C  for FF 1/11 District classes, If you could post them as soon as you can!   Most of the classes be held at Ellettsville Fire Department.  However couple classes with be held at Bloomington Twp. Station 5 and at Bloomington City Training grounds due to Ellettsville does not have the equipment required to hold the class,  but will let students know ahead of time of place and dates.  Any questions please contact me either here at station  339-0017 or cell phone 360-0724  or by email or Ryan Fipps.



Captain Kenny Parrish

Ellettsville Fire Department



Jan  6        Fire Behavior –Black shift    (4 hours class)


Jan  8      Fire Extinguisher Class and Skills—Gold Shift (2 hours class  2 hours skills)


Jan  13    Ropes and Knot  Class and Skills—Red shift (2 hours class 4 hours skills)


Jan  15    Ropes and Knot  Skills—Black Shift (finish time out for skills)


Jan  20     Rescue   Class—Gold Shift  (4 hours class)


Jan  22    Rescue   Skills—Red Shift (part of 12 hour skills)


Jan  24    Rescue Skills—Black Shift (part of 12 hour skills)


Jan  27    Loss Control Class—Black Shift (2 hours class and part of skills)


Jan  29    Loss Control Skills—Gold Shift ( 4 hours skills)


Feb  3    Fire Control Class—Red Shift (4 hours class)


Feb  7     Fire Control Skills—Gold Shift (8 hours skills)


Feb  10   Forcible Entry Class—Gold Shift (4 hours class)


Feb  12   Forcible Entry Skills—Red Shift (4 hours skills )


Feb 17   Water Supply—Black Shift (2 hours class)


Feb  21  Water Supply—Gold Shift (4 hours skills) 


Feb  24  State Test


Feb 28  State Skills Test

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FF Module A

District: District 08
County: Lawrence
Instructors: Robert Brown(RobertBrown)  

Start Time:
01-12-2015 6:00 pm
End Time:
01-12-2015 10:00 pm
Cut Off:
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Module A Syllabus

Course Overview

This module introduces the student to the fire service. The student will become familiar with basic firefighter equipment and safe practices. Equipment includes: Personal Protective Equipment, Ladders, Fire Hose and Stream application, as well as Ventilation fans and saws. The student will also be introduced to the history of the fire service. This module will be hosted by ********************

Required Text

Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighter I and II (Indiana Edition), Pennwell

Course Materials

Required Text's will be distributed from your home department. These textbooks belong you District 8 and you are responsible for their safekeeping. Handouts and assignments will be distributed throughout the course covering the appropriate material.


·         Pennwell LMS


Course Staff

Course Manager:              Levi Keith                3291-4060                                      812-276-8147                  

Lead Instructor:                 Levi Keith                3291-4060                                      812-276-8147

Instructor:                                                                                           Email                                                     Phone

Lead Evaluator:                Robert Brown             4662-4306                                 812-583-6845

Evaluator:                          Kyle Brown                                                                    812-583-7680

Safety Officer:                   Steve Nolan                                                                       812-583-4592     

Proctor:                               Kyle Brown                                                                    812-583-7680

Additional Staff will be utilized throughout the course. Their contact information will be available at that time.

Course Schedule




01/12/2015  1800 -2200

Orientation, History, Basic Comms and Tools.

Chapters: 3, 4, 11

01/15/2015  1800-2200


Chapter: 17

01/19/2015  1800-2200

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Chapters: 9, 10

01/22/2015  1800-2200

PPE Skills

Skills: M 1-8, M 79-80

01/24/2015  0800-1600

PPE Skills completion

Skills: Remainder Skills 1

01/26/2015   1800-2200


Chapter: 13

01/29/2015   1800-2200

Ventilation (Remainder of Ladder Skills)

Chapter: 14

01/31/2015  0800-1600

Skills Day

Skills: M 31-45

2/2/2015  1800-2200

Hose and Fire Streams

Chapters: 15, 16

2/5/2015  1800-2200

Hose and Fire Streams

Skills: 46a-61, 84, 85

Night 7 (4hours)

Time for subjects needing additional coverage


Exam Schedule



2/12/2015  1800-2100

Indian Creek VFD                                                     Module A

2/27/2015  1800-2100

Indian Creek VFD                                                   Retest Module A if needed



Homework Policy

On occasion there may be tasks assigned for time outside of class. This homework will be your responsibility to completed and submit as requested. Skills Booklets are extremely useful for students prior to each course. Keep your studies ahead of the schedule to ensure you’re prepared for each class.

Additional Information


If you are interested in additional District 8 courses, please visit:                   District 8

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FF Module B

District: District 08
County: Jackson
Location: Brownstown Vfd
Instructors: Robert Brown(RobertBrown)  

Start Time:
01-12-2015 6:00 pm
End Time:
01-12-2015 10:00 pm
Cut Off:
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Brownstown Vfd
District 8 - Jackson County Module B Firefighter
Day Date Time Subject Class Hrs Skill Hrs Skill Sheets Location Lead Instructor
Monday 1/12/15 1800-2200 SIDS 2 0 N/A Brownstown FD Spencer
      Driver Safety 2 0 N/A Brownstown FD Spencer
Wednesday 1/14/15 1800-2200 HMAO Refresh 4 0 N/A Brownstown FD McKinney
Monday 1/19/15 1800-2200 Tech Resq Awr 4 0 N/A Brownstown FD Wilson
Wednesday 1/21/15 1800-2200 Tech Resq Awr 4 0 N/A Brownstown FD Spencer
Monday 1/26/15 1800-2200 HMAO Skills 0 4 HM 1-11 Brownstown FD McKinney
Wednesday 1/28/15 1800-2200 Tech Resq Awr 4 0 N/A Brownstown FD Spencer
Monday 2/2/15 1800-2200 Tech Resq Awr 4 0 N/A Brownstown FD Spencer
Wednesday 2/4/15 1800-2200 HMAO Refresh 2 0 N/A Brownstown FD Spencer
      HMAO Skills Test 0 2 HM 1-11 Brownstown FD Densford
Monday 2/9/14 1800-1600 Mod B Written Test 0 0 N/A Brownstown FD Densford

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