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Fire Behavior and Ventilation for the Modern Firefight

District: District 07
County: Putnam
Location: Madison Twp Vfd

Overall firefighters spend very little time learning about fire. In comparison to time spent on other subjects; however we call ourselves firefighters when we have very limited firsthand experience with fire. Many firefighters like to boast of experience when in reality their actual knowledge of fire behavior is nothing more than just getting lucky! Experience alone is insufficient. We must study fire behavior theory, along with the experience of others in order to survive the modern firefight.

This class will examine modern fire behavior along with an extensive study of modern fire environment and how to protect you from extreme fire behavior. The student will leave with a sound understanding of modern fire behavior changes.
The second half of this class will focus on ventilation in the modern fire environment. Each student will gain a better understanding of how to apply ventilation tactics in relationship to today’s fuels and building construction.
This class will also examine ventilation limited fires and the ability to quickly recognize the signs of a ventilation-limited fire to protect you and your crew from hostile fire events.
Do you know what the fire’s air track is? If not we will examine the fire’s air track and how it will significantly influence fire spread and life threatening hazards presented to occupants and firefighters. Getting caught in the air track has, and continues to injure and kill firefighters. Are our decisions and standard operating guidelines placing us in, or greatly changing, the fire’s air track? What factors, actions and modern ventilation techniques can today’s firefighters use in battling the contemporary fire environment? We must learn to force the building to behave the way we desire through proper ventilation methods.
If you have been in the fire service for more than two years this class is a MUST for you to stay alive in this modern environment

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Start Time: 08-17-2013 9:00 am
End Time: 08-17-2013 5:00 am
Capacity 50
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Cut Off 08-17-2013
Location Madison Twp Vfd
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